La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX Men’s

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The Evolution of the Nepal Extreme has taken hardcore mountaineering boots to another level. The addition of Gore-Tex Duratherm lining makes the boot completely waterproof and warmer for high altitudes and extreme cold along with a new breathable tongue for moisture management. With the addition of the patented 3-D flex ankle system hinge, an intergrated anatomical elastic snow gaiter and the 3.2mm silicone impregnated Idro-Perwanger Roughout Leather with sticky rubber rands the Nepal EVO will climb better than ever. The sole has a new tapered HP3 midsole with shock absorbing PU inserts under the heel and the ball of the foot, the new IBS (Impact Brake System) designed exclusively with Vibram to soften impact on hard ground and improve traction.

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:  4 lbs. 9 oz.
COLOR:  Yellow
UPPER:  3.2mm Idro-Perwanger Roughout Leather with high-abrasion resistant fabric / Vibram XSV Rands
LAST:  Nepal
LINING:  Gore-Tex Duratherm
SOLE:  Vibram IBS
MIDSOLE:  8-9mm HP3/PU inserts/SBR Aircushion
INSOLE Insulating Ibi-thermo 9mm

We recommend ordering this boot 1/2 size larger than your typical US size. See drop down selection for European/US size equivalents. Note that a "plus" size is slightly larger than a US half size but smaller than the next whole size.

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Reviews for the La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX Men’s

5 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews.

On 2012-03-05, MTNRomper wrote


These are my first pair of Montaineer specific boots that I purchased for high alpine activites, including a Rainier trip this summer. Since I have a wide foot for a women, I purchased the men's boot after recommendations from the Wittaker team [the women's boots run narrow]. The Nepal Evo were incredibly comforable right out of the box. The built in gaiters and adjustable tongue really dialed in the fit and comfort. The only adjustments needed was changing the non-suportive soles out for supper feet. I found these boots did not require the normal break-in. No hotspots or blisters from the right out of the box to a 12 mile 40lb trip [feet stayed warm and dry- almost too warm on the approach].

On 2012-02-01, Kent wrote


No break-in required is a myth. So far I have not found a review explaining how to successfully break in these excellent boots. My first try was a blister disaster and almost caused me to miss my Rainier climb. I sent the boots back and rented plastics for the climb. I purchased another pair for my second Rainier climb and here is what worked for me: 1. size up a half to full size 2. break in using a slipper sock under a med weight wool sock (don't go too thick to avoid overheating)and break in when it is cool to minimize hot spots. Don't over tighten laces, especially at the beginning 3. do not upgrade the footbeds/sole inserts until after the break in. Using another brand may lift your heel too high in the boot causing blisters 4. start the break in without the tongue insert and see how things go. Add the tongue insert if you start to feel heel slip with medium lace tension. 5. hike flat terrain for two miles each day for 7 days. Slowly start taking more grade and uneven terrain. 6. don't assume comfort in the store equates to comfort during use. The boot with a perfect feel in the store and while walking around the house ended up giving me the most trouble. 7. take your time, adjust sock thickness as needed, don't ever push to the point you feel hot spots. After 10-15 miles the boots start to feel pretty good and after about 20 miles I started thinking they were awesome. I realize everyone is different, but this approach worked for me.

On 2012-01-16, David J Seymour wrote


Used my Nepal Evo's this morning on a winter trek up Mount Baldy. Temps at the summit were in the twenties, snow and ice everywhere. These boots are great. If you are considering a pair note the following: - they run small so save yourself the postage and buy a size up. - they take time to break in. a second removable tongue comes with for dialing in fit. - they are stiff for use with crampons, ice climbing and mountaineering so if your just looking for a good pair of hikers, get something else. these have a purpose and they excel at what they are made to do. - they work perfect with the black diamond contact crampons. if you're wondering which to pair with, I have the BD's and they are excellent. - some people complain about their feet getting cold, but the cold feet effect is often because of the user, not the shoe. These will keep your feet generally warm, but they aren't UGGs. Wear a good wool blend sock and you'll be fine. I bought a pair at TJ Max that i use religiously. $5. - Many have said the insert on these is poor and should be replaced. That i agree with 100%. I'm going to swap mine asap as they provide nearly zero foot padding. Enjoy!!

On 2010-01-11, David wrote


Incredible boots. I usually have REAL trouble getting alpine boots that fit nicely. The Nepal Evos are amazingly comfortable, and hardly needed any wearing in. I did a couple of hours walking around at home, taking the dog for a walk etc, a one day alpine trip. Then did a big 6 day mission into the mountains. I wore them on the 11km approach as well... the only blister I got was on my right little toe. Warm in the snow, a bit too warm on the approach. Not as warm as my plastics, and also not as sweaty... the goretex breathes well. Dont feel quite as rock solid as my plastics in the snow (due to the ankle being quite flexible), but they make up for this on rock and for general all-roundness. The sole is more flexible than I expected - not completely stiff like plastics, which helps with walking. My wife got a pair of the womens boots and she is equally happy. Somehow LaSportiva have made a really solid boot that is super-comfy and not too heavy. I am comparing these to my Koflach plastics, Asolo Granites and a pair of Raichles, and these are way more comfortable. They are too heavy for general hiking, but OK to wear on the approach. Also went on easy after freezing at night. Locking ring on the laces is a nice touch and the mini-gaiter which snugs it up against your ankle (but you still need normal gaiters). Inner-sole seems cheapskate and I had some pain on the balls of my feet, so I replaced it with another, which solved that... I think most people who wear these a lot will want to do that too. I am a street-show size US 12 and got the Nepal Evo in US 13. The fit is snug, but with room to move your toes. When these wear out, I know what my next pair of boots will be...

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