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Forty Below Camp Booties™

The synthetic insulated camp bootie for mountaineering, winter camping, and even around the cabin, hut, or house!  Now your feet and toes can be nice and toasty after a hard day on your adventure!  These will be a favorite for all of your trips, year-round!  The Forty Below® Camp Booties™ are insulated with a continuous filament polyester fiber, so they dry fast if they get wet.  They also provide insulation even if wet, as compared to down/feather insulation which provides no insulation when wet, plus may not ever get dry again during a trip. This synthetic insulation goes completely around and under your foot.  The 5/8” wide ribbon style lacing goes over the top of the forefoot and around the leg, to tie in the front with a bow.  It helps provide support and control on your foot, no more floppy booties!  They are very compact, and superlight at only 10 ounces per pair size medium!

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The synthetic insulated camp bootie for mountaineering, winter camping, and even around the cabin, hut, or house!  Now your feet and toes can be nice and toasty after a hard day on your adventure!  These will be a favorite for…

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Specs Sizing

The sole is made of a thin waterproof unique rubber, embossed into a fabric with a small dot pattern, that stays flexible at 40 below and sheds snow easily. The lower side rand is made of Cordura nylon that is waterproof coated.  Taffeta nylon upper, and taffeta nylon lining to make them easy to take on and off with wool socks on.  Drawstring with cordlock top closure.  A very helpful feature is the removable closed cell foam footbed, so you can wear the Forty Below® Camp Booties™ inside the plastic mountaineering or ski boot shell when it is removed, helpful when your boot liner is drying.  Machine and hand washable.  Air or low heat dryer for drying.

  • Weight: 10 oz. per pair size Medium.
Small Women's 5-7
Medium Women's 8-9 / Men's 7-10
Large Women's 10+ / Men's 10.5-12
XL Men's 12.5-16


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Keeps The Feet Toasty!

This is a great product. I recommend it to everyone.

Use Situation: alpine camping

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Bloody warm, alright.

At 40 degrees, they were too warm in only a few minutes. They'll remain in inside my bag for those sub zero nights. Great quality, thx.

Use Situation: Around camp

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Very warm!!!

These booties are great for lounging at home or at the campsite. Great at keeping my feet warm on cold nights.

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Great Product

Keep my feet nice and warm. Great for at home or relaxing at camp. Very happy with this product.

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Excellent- one of the best gear purchases ever.

One of the most vexing things for me about cold weather backpacking is keeping my feet warm in the tent. I did not want to go with down and I wanted to have a sole so that my booties would survive a night time excursion to pee. These booties were so soft, nice, and comfortable I felt like a new woman after a hard day on the trail! They kept my feet nice and toasty and did wonders for my overall comfort even as I was listening to the sleet and freezing rain pound on my tent.

Use Situation: Multi day Backpacking

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Rented them on a NOLS course; bought them when I got home.

These were standard issue on a 21-day NOLS winter backcountry ski course that I took, as part of our bootie system which consisted of first-layer socks, an inner-bootie, then these 40-Below booties, then some Outdoor Research mukluks. I liked these 40-below booties and bought my own pair when I got home. I ordered for my foot size and they are perfect.

Use Situation: On a 21-day NOLS winter backcountry ski course

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Warm on Kili

I suffer from Raynauds and worried about my feet on Kili, especially after a friend said how cold her feet were at night on the mountain. Another friend recommended these. Unlike a lot of the other booties out there these have an insert and also tie around the ankle to give you support. They were warm at camp-I switched from my hiking boots to these soon as the days hiking was over. They were warm at night while the rest of me froze. The inserts seem a bit long for the boots and tend to bunch against the back and the bottoms could be tougher-I worry they will rip on rocks-which is why they lost a star. I plan on cutting the inserts down or just replacing them. The boots are lightweight and warm and recommended for cold camping. I sized up and was glad I did. The blue color was pretty smile I will use these for more general camping but will probably upgrade for my next major mountain climb.

Fit: Slightly Small

Use Situation: On Kilimanjaro at camp to walk around and to sleep at night

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Good quality, keep me warm around the house as hardwood is cold on the feet. Regret not having them up on Rainier in 2014, would have made base camp more cozy. Def bringing them up this year!

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Bought a pair for Kilimanjaro and they were incredible, even outside at 19,000 feet. I wear them indoors and outdoors, and liked them so much I bought a pair for my boyfriend. Synthetic makes the most sense when you're outdoors as they dry much more easily than down. Not only is synthetic the warmest but it's also great for us as we're both vegan and don't buy or support down fillings. Hands down, great boots.

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These are warm and comfortable. Only complaint is that the foam liners can slip around a bit inside when you walk around causing your foot to hang over the edge. I was also on the line between Large and XL so I went a size up after reading the reviews. The XL's ended up being like clown shoes so I sent them back and bought the larges which fit perfect.

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