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La Sportiva Baruntse

A sturdy, durable double boot for high altitude mountaineering. When the conditions are cold and high the Baruntse offers a hospitable climate to keep your feet warm and dry.  Ideal for use on 6-7000 meter peaks or in harsh winter conditions where you don't want to think about your feet.  The thermo-formable inner boot sports the patented speed lacing system and couples with the highly insulated multi-layered PE outerboot for dependable warmth and a PU coating to keep moisture and cold outside and heat inside the boot.

IDEAL TERRAIN: 6000-7000 meter peaks or high cold mountaineering conditions

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A sturdy, durable double boot for high altitude mountaineering. When the conditions are cold and high the Baruntse offers a hospitable climate to keep your feet warm and dry.  Ideal for use on 6-7000 meter peaks or in harsh winter…

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Specs Sizing
  • *We will contact you if there is a delay with shipping for a particular size.
  • WEIGHT:  44.7 oz / 1267 g (size 42)
  • LAST:  Nuptse
  • OUTER BOOT: Transparent PU Tech anti-abrasion film with high insulation expandied PE/ High density expanded PE insulating netting/ Synthetic mico-fiber/ High abrasion resistant Cordura®/ Giugiaro lacing hardware
  • GAITER: Breathable Cordura® / Kevlar anti-perforation fabric
  • INNER BOOT: Anti-abrasion Cordura®/ Thermo-moldable 7mm high density insulating EVA
  • INSOLE: 6 mm isulating Ibi-Thermo + PE insulating barrier and aluminum insulation
  • MIDSOLE: 8-9 mm TPU/SBR Air Cushion
  • SOLE: Vibram® Montagna
  • CONSTRUCTION: Inner boot: Slip lasted // Outer boot: Board lasted
  • SIZES: 37-48 (half sizes) 49, 50

We recommend ordering this boot 1/2 size to a whole size larger than your typical US size. See drop down selection for European/US size equivalents. Note that a "plus" size is slightly larger than a US half size but smaller than the next whole size.

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As a lot of commenter's here, my size is also 49 on the Baruntse. Used them for a couple of climbs and must say that they are superb. Maybe a bit to good to keep your feet warm. I struggled with some blisters caused by overheating on Mt Blanc (4,700 m), but for cold winter climbs in Sweden that is something that you apreciate.

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I bought these boots for Rainer. They are very comfortable, but the lace system for the inner boot could be improved so the extra lace does not cause pressure points.

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Well I ordered these boots for my upcoming Rainier trip. I had to get a 14.5 so needless to say they are BIG. The size is not so bad however because the boot is not too heavy. I look forward to climbing in them soon and will try to re-review after I get in the ice.

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Terrific boot! I had a hard time finding a boot for my size 6.5 and solid enough for the 2012 January winter expedition seminar on Mount Rainier. My feet stayed warm at all times, the sole provided good traction and heel is crampon compatible. I was one happy camper!

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Wore these up Aconcagua in January 2011 and they were the perfect boot--lightweight, warm, and just plain comfortable. I'm so glad I bought them!

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I have had difficulties to find the right boots for my feet. I have problems with my soles of the foot and I need to use special inner soles but after read Chris's review I decided to buy the Baruntse. These boots are a dream. I have used them to climb a peak at 5,500 meter above the sea level with -20 Celsius and they were smooth and very warm. I wore for the first time during 12 hours straight(we attack the summit from the base camp at 4,200 in 8 hours and get back in 3 hours) and I didn't feel any pain and/or problem. I really feel like I have found the perfect boots for all my high altitude expeditions, Aconcagua will be the next in January 2011.

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Thank you Chris! that was the information I was looking for- after wearing my Lowa Civetta's in Ecuador and feeling slightly uncomfortable- I'd hate be in a tought spot without the proper boot on my 14/15 foot. Rich

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I struggled to find doubles for my size 14-15 feet to use on my trip to Aconcagua. I tried the Lowa Civetta's but just wasn't feeling the fit with the Intuition Denali liners. I waited until a shipment of these rolled in at Whittaker and snagged a size 49. I would say the width at first seemed narrow and that is consistent with a few other reviews I've read. Once I started moving around though, they fit like a glove. I was a bit sketched that they would be too snug at Altitude, but I went with them and they worked out perfectly. They are seriously like ninja boots compared to classic double plastics for mobility. My feet were also one of the warmest parts of my body during the climb with expedition weight socks and thin liners. We were successful on our summit attempt via the Polish Glacier and the Baruntse played a major role. I would note that my crampon straps with the Grivel G12 are at their length limit with these 49's. I'm currently modding my straps so I have a bit extra length to grab. The joys of having boats for feet.

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Mountain Logic™

Mountaineering Boot Fit

How a boot fits is without question the most important factor of boot selection. While trekking boots and hiking shoes should fit the same as your street shoes, general and high alpine mountaineering boots are fit a little differently. A good fit correctly addresses the three dimensions of your foot.

Watch Mountaineering Boot Fit w/ Melissa Arnot and Peter Whittaker

Boot Fit Tips

Always Size Up - one-half to one full size. More room = more circulation = warm feet

Prevent Toe Bang - Half of mountain climbing is walking downhill. Make sure your toes do not touch the front of the boot. Test for this by lacing your boot up tightly and tapping your toe behind you. If your toes feel crunched against the end of the boot, size up.

Comparative Fit - They shouldn't fit like ski boots. Mountaineering boots are made for walking, so you should have a looser, roomy fit. Tight boots are a recipe for discomfort, decreased circulation and potential frostbite.

First Impressions - Have your sock system, lace up the boots and walk, stand sit, tap your toes and scuffle around for 15 minutes?

Brands and Models - If a boot fits too tight overall, you're likely in the wrong size. If the boot is pinching in some areas but is loose in other, your in the wrong brand or model. Boot brands used different lasts, even between different models.

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