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Climbed for the first time in 1966, Vinson still sees very few visitors and remains a pristine and majestic peak. To reach this remote area of the world, you fly from Punta Arenas, Chile and land on the blue ice runway of Union Glacier. A short flight then brings you to Vinson Base Camp at the foot of the Branscomb Glacier in the Ellsworth Mountains. From here ascend the Branscomb Glacier and climb the headwall on Vinson, setting up two camps along the way. Summit Day is one of the most spectacular of any big climb in the world: as you ascend from our High Camp (12,400') the views of the immense ice sheets which surround the Massif gradually come into view, the final steep push up the summit ridge is exhilarating but not technically difficult, and standing atop this remote summit a climber looks for miles in all directions onto a landscape virtually untouched by humans.

The following gear list is approved by our partner Rainier Mountaineering Inc. for its guided climbs of Vinson Massif.

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